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​Chinese Podcast With Shenglan


You can find the archive on Youtube/Spotify/Apple Podcasts/Google Podcasts by searching “Chinese Podcast With Shenglan”.

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第40集下:聊一聊近十年代购在中国的兴衰,以及为什么中国人那么热衷于购买进口商品|The rise and fall of daigou in China and China's obsession with foreign products

第40集上:从“倒爷”这个职业看中国上世纪八九十年代的经济|Legendary Daoye Mou Qizhong in 1980s’ China: Trade Canned Food for Aircraft

​第39集:为什么中国人都想要有一个北京户口?|The history of Hukou and why is it so controversial in China

第38集:在28岁成为女人——一位中国跨性别名人的故事|Jinxing: Being transgender and famous in China​

第37集:为什么耽美在女性群体中很受欢迎?|EP37. Discussion on Boy's Love in China: Gender Awareness and Misogyny

第36集:英语热和美国梦在中国|English Mania and American Dream in China



第34集:中医|Everything you want to know about the Traditional Chinese Medicine

第33集:中国对素食主义者友好吗?|Is China vegan-friendly?

第32集:2022总结|Thoughts on learning Chinese; Yearly review of language learning progress🇬🇧🇷🇺🇫🇷🇯🇵

第31集:中国的购物狂|Why are there so many shopaholics in China?

​第30集:为什么中国的足球队很差?|Why is China so bad at football?

第29集:中国年轻人的独居选择 |The choice of living alone for youths in China

第28集:中国的广场舞文化|Square dancing in China.

第27集:独生子女政策|One-child policy in China.

第26集:我们来聊一聊“躺平”|Let's take a second look at “lying flat”.

第25集:中国的夜宵文化|Why is the late-night food so popular in China?

第24集:中国人是如何看待全球变暖的?|How is climate change seen in China?

第23集:为什么台湾问题很复杂?|Taiwan as an unsolved, sensitive issue.

第22集:如何开始阅读中文书,以及《深度工作》内容分享|What to read in Chinese &  Deep work book summary.


(第一部分)中国的社交媒体|Social media in China.

(第二部分)社交媒体给我们带来了什么?|What has social media brought to us?

​第20集:中国的“超级通勤者们”|Super commuters in China.

第19集:中国的移动支付方式和数字人民币|China's mobile payment and E-CNY.

​第18集:中国的性别平等|Gender equality in China.

第17集:中国的午睡文化|Nap culture in China.

​第16集:中国的社会时钟|Social clock in China.

​第15集:中国最宜居的城市|Most livable cities in China.

第14集:为什么谷爱凌在中国很受欢迎?|Why is Eileen Gu so popular in China?

第13集:中国人每天工作多长时间?|How long do Chinese work per day?

​第12集:如何准备HSK6的考试?|How to prepare for a HSK 6 test?

​第11集:中国的新穷人|The poor who live a luxury life.

​第10集:学习中文的十个方法|10 tips to get advanced in Chinese.

​第09集:为什么谷歌在中国被禁了?|Why is Google banned in China?

​第08集:坐船去日本|Travel to Japan(from China) by sea.

​第07集:坐火车游中国|Travel around China by train.

​第06集:为什么找到爱很难?|Why it's hard to find love?

​第05集:中国的教育|Education in China.

​第04集:中国菜|Let's talk about Chinese food!

​第03集:在中国最受欢迎的职业|Most popular jobs in China.

​第02集:自学中文可能吗?|Is it possible to learn Chinese by yourself?

​第01集:学习三门外语的经历|My experience of learning 3 foreign languages.

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