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  • 介绍|About | ChineseWithShenglan

    播客介绍 |About the Podcast Chinese Podcast With Shenglan 是一个为中级水平的中文学习者制作的播客频道。如果你的中文水平达到了HSK 四级、五级左右,那么这个播客里的节目就正好是为你准备的!每一期播客节目的长度通常在三十分钟至一个小时之间,我们会选择一些和语言学习、中国文化、社会现象有关的话题和大家来分享。 Chinese Podcast With Shenglan, a podcast where we talk about language learning, Chinese culture and society, is created for intermediate Chinese learners. These episodes are especially for you if your Chinese level is around HSK4 or HSK5. The average length of each episode is from 30 mintues to one hour. ​ 关于作者 |About the author ​肖胜兰/Shenglan Xiao 播客作者 ​嗨,大家好!我是肖胜兰,来自中国长沙。我是这个播客节目Chinese Podcast With Shenglan的作者。在我自己学习外语的过程中,我发现听播客这种方式对我的帮助很大,于是我开始为学习中文的学生制作播客。在创作这个播客节目的一年多时间以来,我很高兴这些节目有帮助到很多正在学习中文的人,来自听众的积极的反馈一直鼓励着我,让我有动力继续做下去。 Hi there! I'm Shenglan Xiao, from Changsha, China. I am the host of Chinese Podcast With Shenglan. I started to make podcasts for Chinese learners as I found that it is really an incredible way to learn foreign languages through podcasts based on my own experience of learning languages. Over the past year, I've received a lot of kind words from my audiences, which always motivates me to keep going.

  • 方案與定價 | ChineseWithShenglan

    Choose your pricing plan Membership Program $ 15 15$ Every month Select

  • Membership | ChineseWithShenglan

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  • 课程|Course | ChineseWithShenglan

    ​线上中文口语课程 Speak Chinese With Shenglan ​阅读 课程介绍 选择 ​上课时间 ​完成 付款 预定 成功 ​课程介绍 Maybe you have already learned Chinese for months or years, and you've known a lot of words and sentences. But when it comes to speaking and listening, you don't feel confident enough to carry a conversation in Chinese. If this is exactly your case, don't worry, I am here to help you with that! ​ Currently I offer two types of spoken courses: ​ OPTION1: Practice spoken Chinese with Podcast *before booking the lesson, please make sure that your level reached HSK4. ​ For this type of lessons, you could choose one episode of my video/audio podcast on Youtube, if you are a Patreon membership, you could also choose from bonus episodes I updated on Patreon. ​ ️Then the transcript will be sent to you beforehand, please listen to the podcast carefully and study the new words&phrases by yourself first. During the lessons, there’ll be a small chat in the first 5-10 minutes. You’ll need to answer several questions related to the topic being talked about in the podcast. Every mistake will be recorded and saved in a personal google docx for you to review afterwards. OPTION2: Free talk The first option is not for everyone, as it requires a lot of preparation before class. If you don't really have that much time to prepare for a lesson, you could choose the second type of course, where we could talk about things you are interested in or anything related to Chinese culture. ​ ABOUT THE COURSE Want to know more about the course? Click here. 选择​上课时间 SELECT A TIME FOR THE CLASS 在这里选择上课时间 Check my calendar here to select a time slot for your lesson:) 方法三 目前我只能接受支付宝跨境转账或者PayP al转账,下面是具体 付款操作方式: Currently, I can only accept cross-border transfers via Alipay or PayPal. Below are the specific payment instructions: 如何汇款到支付宝? How to remit to Alipay? • 在哪汇? Where can I send money? 支付宝合作的境外汇款平台 • 汇款平台需要什么收款信息? What information should I fill in at the money transfer platform? Alipay ID (账号) 18574933968 Last Name(姓) XIAO First Name(名) SHENG LAN ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ 使用PayPal付款,请点击这里 。 To make a payment using PayPal, please click here . ​ ​ 支付成功后,请将 付款成功页面截图发到我的邮箱: After successful payment, please take a screenshot of the payment confirmation page and send it to my 方法一 ​如何付款 ​ 你还可以先注册一个这里提到的汇款平台,然后进入平台,扫描图片中的二维码支付。 You can also register for the mentioned remittance platform first, then access the platform and scan the QR code in the image to make the payment. HOW TO PAY 方法二 P.S. ​ ​如果 仍然有问题,请发邮件给我。 If you encounter any issues during the payment process, please send me an email. 如果你在中国大陆生活,那么使用支付宝/ 微信支付转账是最方便的方式。请发邮件给我,我会告诉你我的支付宝/微信收款账号。 If you are living in mainland China, using Alipay/WeChat Pay for the transfer would be the most convenient method. Please send me an email, and I will provide you with my Alipay/WeChat Pay account for receiving the payment. 预定成功 RESERVATION CONFIRMED ​完成以上所有步骤之后,你会收到一封课程预定确认邮件,然后你就可以开始为上课做准备啦!期待和你见面! After completing all the steps mentioned above, you will receive a confirmation email, and then you can start preparing for the upcoming lesson:) Looking forward to meeting you!

  • 课程Q&A | ChineseWithShenglan

    Q&A: 1. 请问中文口语课的价格是多少 ? ​每节课60分钟,价格是23美元。你也一次性购买10节课的课时包,价格为230美元。 2. 如果我临时有事,可以取消 或者更改上课时间吗? 每节课都有一次 取消或者修 改时间的机会,如果临时有事,你可以发邮件告诉我你想要取消或者更改上课时间,但请至少 提前24小时 发邮件。如果一节课已经被取消或者修改过一次时间,则无法再取消或者再修改时间。 3. 我可以选择哪些内容作为上课 的材料 ? 你可以选择我的You Tube频道 当中任何一期播客作为上课的内容。建议按照你自己的中文水平进行选择,比如一般来说视频播客的难度比较低,HSK3/4级水平的学生可以很容易听懂,而长篇播客(也就是长度大于半小时的播客)难度稍大一些,比较适合HSK4/5级或者以上的学生。 4. 上课前我需要做什么准备? ​ 如果你选择的是以播客为上课内容的口语课, 那么为 了更好地利用上课的时间, 希望你 最好能够提前花一点时间再上课前做以下事情:1)把播客多听几遍,第一遍的时候不看文字稿,看看能听懂多少,听完一遍之后拿出文字稿仔细自学一下:查找其中的生词、短语,大概弄懂它们的意思即可,然后再一边 读文字稿一边听几遍播客;2)每一期播客我会在上课前给你发一些相关问题,请你提前准备去回答一下这些问题。不需要提前把答案写下来,只需做一点笔记, 把要点(main points )和关键词记下来就好。 如果你选的是闲聊(free talk)的口语课, 那么上课前你不需要做任何准备。

  • 联系|Contact | ChineseWithShenglan

    联系|Contact 如果你对于和中国有关的某个话题感兴趣,并且想要我做一期相关主题的播客,请给我发邮件:​ 留下你的邮箱信息,你将第一时间收到播客更新的通知:) ​You’ll get an email as soon as I publish a new episode. First Name Last Name Email 你的中文水平是……?/What's your Chinese level? Send Thanks for submitting!

  • 视频|Video | ChineseWithShenglan

    视频|VIDEOS 我制作的中文视频通常难度要比播客低,如果你的中文水平达到了 HSK 四级,那么你就能看懂这些视频的内容了。 在Youtube上查看更多中文视频

  • 播客|Podcast | ChineseWithShenglan

    ​Chinese Podcast With Shenglan ​欢迎你到YouTube或者各大播客平台收听。 You can find the archive on Youtube/Spotify/Apple Podcasts/Google Podcasts by searching “Chinese Podcast With Shenglan”. Listen on Spotify ​精选播客|Best episodes 第1集:学习三门外语的经历 第5集:中国的教育 第18集:性别平等在中国 第9集:谷歌在中国被禁? 最新的几期|Latest episodes 第38集:在28岁成为女人——一位中国跨性别名人的故事 所有播客|All episodes *点击文字即可转到相应播客的页面:) Click the title to listen on Youtube. 第38集:在28岁成为女人——一位中国跨性别名人的故事|Jinxing: Being transgender and famous in China​ 第37集:为什么耽美在女性群体中很受欢迎?|EP37. Discussion on Boy's Love in China: Gender Awareness and Misogyny 第36集:英语热和美国梦在中国|English Mania and American Dream in China ​第35集下:中国的人口问题|为什么中国的年轻人不想生孩子了? 第35集上:中国的人口问题|不同的人是如何看待独生子女政策的? 第34集:中医|Everything you want to know about the Traditional Chinese Medicine ​第33集:中国对素食主义者友好吗?|Is China vegan-friendly? ​第32集:2022总结|Thoughts on learning Chinese; Yearly review of language learning progress🇬🇧🇷🇺🇫🇷🇯🇵 第31集:中国的购物狂|Why are there so many shopaholics in China? ​第30集:为什么中国的足球队很差?|Why is China so bad at football? 第29集:中国年轻人的独居选择 |The choice of living alone for youths in China 第28集:中国的广场舞文化|Square dancing in China. 第27集:独生子女政策|One-child policy in China. 第26集:我们来聊一聊“躺平”|Let's take a second look at “lying flat”. 第25集:中国的夜宵文化|Why is the late-night food so popular in China? ​第24集:中国人是如何看待全球变暖的?|How is climate change seen in China? ​第23集:为什么台湾问题很复杂?|Taiwan as an unsolved, sensitive issue. ​第22集:如何开始阅读中文书,以及《深度工作》内容分享|What to read in Chinese & Deep work book summary. ​第21集: (第一部分)中国的社交媒体|Social media in China. (第二部分)社交媒体给我们带来了什么?|What has social media brought to us? ​第20集:中国的“超级通勤者们”|Super commuters in China. ​第19集:中国的移动支付方式和数字人民币|China's mobile payment and E-CNY. ​第18集:中国的性别平等|Gender equality in China. ​第17集:中国的午睡文化|Nap culture in China. ​第16集:中国的社会时钟|Social clock in China. ​第15集:中国最宜居的城市|Most livable cities in China. ​第14集:为什么谷爱凌在中国很受欢迎?|Why is Eileen Gu so popular in China? ​第13集:中国人每天工作多长时间?|How long do Chinese work per day? ​第12集:如何准备HSK6的考试?|How to prepare for a HSK 6 test? ​第11集:中国的新穷人|The poor who live a luxury life. ​第10集:学习中文的十个方法|10 tips to get advanced in Chinese. ​第09集:为什么谷歌在中国被禁了?|Why is Google banned in China? ​第08集:坐船去日本|Travel to Japan(from China) by sea. ​第07集:坐火车游中国|Travel around China by train. ​第06集:为什么找到爱很难?|Why it's hard to find love? ​第05集:中国的教育|Education in China. ​第04集:中国菜|Let's talk about Chinese food! ​第03集:在中国最受欢迎的职业|Most popular jobs in China. ​第02集:自学中文可能吗?|Is it possible to learn Chinese by yourself? ​第01集:学习三门外语的经历|My experience of learning 3 foreign languages. ​迷你播客|Mini podcast *点击文字即可转到相应播客的页面:) Click the title to listen on Youtube. ​第7集:读研还是工作?|How to choose between postgraduate studies and work? 第6集:全中国都在听她的歌|This song really became a hit in China recently. 第5集:为什么中国人喜欢跟团游?|Why do Chinese people love group tour? 第4集:中国学校的一天是什么样的?|A day in the life of a middle school student in China. 第3集:怎么充分利用这些播客去学中文?|How to make the most of these episodes? 第2集:聊一聊语言学习的方法|How I learn foreign languages? 第1集:汉字“她”的来源|A brief history of the Chinese character “她(tā=she)”

  • 会员|Membership | ChineseWithShenglan

    会员计划|Membership Plan 加入我的Patreon会员,仅需每月10欧元,你就能够获得所有这些播客的文字稿,而且能够得到180+期专为会员制作的 迷你播客:) ​ By joining my Patreon membership , paying just 10 eu ros each month, you will get access to the all the transcripts , plus over 180 bonus episodes for members ​ only. Learn more 了解更多 ​ Q1. Patreon上会员专享的内容适合什 么水平的学习者? A1. 我在Patreon上为会员专门制作的播客不是特别难, 如果你的中文水平达到了HSK3级或者以上 就可以听懂它们的大部分内容。尽管它们的难度并不是很大,因为在播客当中,我会尽可能使用简单、容易理解的词语和句子,但是这些语言仍然是很自然的,同时我会使用很多生活中常见的、大家在 教材中很难学到的词语和表达,这样你们可以一边练习听力,一边积累新词和新的表达。 Q2. 成为Patreon会员的每月费用是多少? A2. 仅需支付每月10欧元 ,你就能加入我的Patreon会员计划。 Q3. 加入Patreon会员计划之后,我可以获得什么? A3. 首 先,你可以获得目前为止我在Youtube上发布的 所有播客的文字稿 。除此之外,每个月 我都会制作新的 视频播客(长度通常为十多分钟)或者长篇播客(长度为三十分钟以上),这是在YouTube上免费发布的,但是它们的文字稿只有加入我的Patreon会员才 可以 获得。另外, 我会不定期地更新一期Bonus episod e(通常来说长度为10-20分钟,个别播客长度超过了30分钟) ,目前在我的Patreon上已经有180多期的Bonus episode。最后,除了以上 所有的权益,你的支持 ​还 能够让这个播客项目走得更远:) BECOME A MEMBER 运营和制作播客需要花费很多的时间和精力, 你的支持能够帮助这个播客走得更远。 ​Thanks for your support:)) Join Now

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