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播客介绍About the Podcast

Chinese Podcast With Shenglan是一个为中级水平的中文学习者制作的播客频道。如果你的中文水平达到了HSK四级、五级左右,那么这个播客里的节目就正好是为你准备的!每一期播客节目的长度通常在三十分钟至一个小时之间,我们会选择一些和语言学习、中国文化、社会现象有关的话题和大家来分享。

Chinese Podcast With Shenglan, a podcast where we talk about language learning, Chinese culture and society, is created for intermediate Chinese learners. These episodes are especially for you if your Chinese level is around HSK4 or HSK5.  The average length of each episode is from 30 mintues to one hour. 


关于作者About the author


​肖胜兰/Shenglan Xiao


​嗨,大家好!我是肖胜兰,来自中国长沙。我是这个播客节目Chinese Podcast With Shenglan的作者。在我自己学习外语的过程中,我发现听播客这种方式对我的帮助很大,于是我开始为学习中文的学生制作播客。在创作这个播客节目的一年多时间以来,我很高兴这些节目有帮助到很多正在学习中文的人,来自听众的积极的反馈一直鼓励着我,让我有动力继续做下去。

Hi there! I'm Shenglan Xiao, from Changsha, China. I am the host of Chinese Podcast With Shenglan. I started to make podcasts for Chinese learners as I found that it is really an incredible way to learn foreign languages through podcasts based on my own experience of learning languages. Over the past year, I've received a lot of kind words from my audiences, which always motivates me to keep going.

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